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  • Featuring a practical step-through frame with a robust 36-volt electric motor made for paved roads in the city. It is an entry-level electric city bike comes with gorgeous 20-inch spoked rims with sleek road tires and a sizable 10 amp/hour battery for traveling long distances.
  • Easy riding: The bike comes with a thumb throttle and a pedal-assist that makes each ride a breeze.

  • Durable: high-strength carbon steel frame and superior car paint, the bike will serve you for several years. The Motor is made of a high-quality alloy material.

  • Basket: The black basket is integrated with the pony bike. It is fixed by the 4 screws, firm and reliable. And the basket has a strong carrying capacity. You can take a lot of items at the same time, it will easily carry.
  • Rear Seat
    A comfortable sponge filled, with high-quality,wear-resistant leather for the rear seat cushion. Easy to carry your family, friends, and partners. You can enjoy the riding together.
  • 20'' Wheels, with 1.75'' air tire. 
  • It's equipped with a high speed 250 Watts motor, perfect for city strollers.
  • 36V 10Ah Li-ion removeable battery. Easy to take out. Charging time 4-6 hours.

  • Comfortable: Comfortable big saddle and height adjustable suit for different needs

  • Display: Equipped with a HD LCD displayer,It will show you clearly about Voltage Level Status\PAS level status\current speed, etc. Various settings can be made through the displayer, such as setting different mode: throttle only, PAS only (padel assistant system).
  • Max load: 250 lbs

  • Max speed:20 MPH.
  • Range: 15-20 miles with pedal assist.

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