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Glarewheel KB12 Kids Electric Balance Bikes are a safe, rider-friendly gateway to the world of two wheels. The KB12 Electric Balance Bike is the perfect choice for the newest of new riders who are (literally) just getting their balance.
With this model's 12" wheels, riding can start in the non-powered mode. KB12 Electric Balance Bike as friendly as any stability or balance bike -with or without power assist. Developing hand braking skills comes second. Then the electrons can start to flow.

* 14-20” inseam, perfect for 3-5yr old rippers under 75lbs

* Removable battery pack. Quick Change Lithium Ion Battery: Extend the ride time with push button quick release to change out batteries. These industrial grade, lithium-ion battery and charger come full equipped with 20Vmax voltage (18Vnom) and 2Ah, allowing riders to hit the road for 30-60 minutes. 45-60 charge time.

*Aluminum TIG welded and heat-treated frame. Lightweight aluminum frame with a total bike weight of 18lbs, a child can quickly build confidence & skill by having the ability to pick up the bike themselves. The Aluminum TIG welded frame and steel, BMX-style fork allows for a safe and fun ride.

* High Output Brushless 100w Motor
Power selection modes:
•Low/Training mode ~ 5mph
•Med/Standard mode ~ 7.5mph
•High/Advanced mode ~ 13mph

*Pneumatic tires absorb the un-evenness of terrain. This allows for a smoother ride, and less bumping and shaking. Also have a thicker tread, which provides traction to drive over loose and uneven surfaces.

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