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Electric Surfboard GL10 is combination of most powerful engine in motorized surfing board and rideability. Besides the reliable engine and comfortable pads. No matter if you are just casually carving and enjoying a sunset, jumping the wake of your life, or hitting the racetrack. GL10 making a wonderful ride. 

Board Material: EPP (Expanded Polypropylene)


Battery Pack

Tarpon Electric model Battery Pack brings battery capacity of 72V 55AH. This battery pack secures 35-55 minutes of fun and maximum speed of 34MPH. Quick removeable battery pack design switch battery in minute and get extra battery enjoy about 1 hour joyful ride.

Powerful Engine

15kw brushless motor. High efficiency and reliability with lower consumption and noise. Simultaneous power with super long lifetime. Aviation aluminum alloy pump for better intensity, stability and light weight. New treatment for outer surface against erosion of ocean water.

Main cauda fin and 2 Lateral fins

Installation of the fins has never been easier! The click ON/click OFF FCS patented system sets base for fast fitting of the fins & no tools requirements.

Dual foot bindings

New ergonomic pads and straps will make your ride on Shark even more comfortable for your feet. Dual bindings fit for both regular and goofy riders.


Acceleration, speed, balance, - it’s all in your hand. The Shark control handle serves for starting the board, throttle acceleration and makes a good stability point at any stage of your riding level. 

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